What is MineWeb

MineWeb is a CMS (Content Management System), a fully customizable and intuitive website, that will perfectly work with your Minecraft server ! You'll be able to inform your players about news, make them buy something on the shop... You'll be able to customize the CMS with many themes or plugins ! There are available on the market but you can also develop yours. Want to know more about ? We invite you to read the presentation page at this address.

Where to download ?

MineWeb is a non-free CMS. There are 2 differents packages that could meet your needs.
All informations are available here.

I need help !

Do you have a problem ? You're searching about modifying something ? Or are you searching to develop your own theme/plugin ? Check out the documentation here ! You can also contact the MineWeb support.

What does it look ?

More infos are available here, and here (screenshots), or here. There is also a demo (with administrator access).